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How Does Outdoor Advertising Fit Into An Omnichannel Brand Strategy?

Posted by Hauler Ads on July 31, 2018

Too many brands treat billboard ads like loose puzzle pieces - they scatter them haphazardly through city landscapes, hoping that audiences will remember them. But that’s a poor strategy. A billboard ad, a truck ad or any other form of advertising should really contribute to a bigger picture, a puzzle of sorts.

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Three Seconds or Less: What Is Effective Advertising In the Shorter Attention Span Era?

Posted by Hauler Ads on July 24, 2018
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Shots Fired: How To Pull Off An Ad War Without Hurting Your Own Brand

Posted by Hauler Ads on July 18, 2018
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Are Copy-Driven Billboards Worth Your Time?

Posted by Hauler Ads on July 4, 2018

If there was a “bible” for out-of-home advertising, one of its ten commandments might read something like this: “Thou shall not replace a good image with words”. But that’s a rule you could break. 

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The Power Of 3D Billboards in OOH Advertising

Posted by Hauler Ads on June 27, 2018

A movie filmed in 3D can make some of its most dramatic scenes really pop, and the same is true for advertising. For an out-of-home ad, a 3D visual can turn an otherwise so-so idea into a great one, so as to capture attention and make people stop in their tracks. 

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Why Truck Ads Can Bring More Value Than Static Billboards

Posted by Hauler Ads on June 22, 2018

The ideal ad campaign, as far as traditional advertising goes, “has legs”. In other words, its messaging looks identical across multiple mediums and formats. But in this day and age of three-second attention spans, your advertising may need wheels if it’s really going to reach anyone. 

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How Netflix Bidding for Regency Proves OOH Ads Still Matter

Posted by Hauler Ads on June 7, 2018

Like everything else traditional advertising, the industry’s mad men have predicted the death of OOH advertising for some time now. They say that billboards are slowly dying off - just like radio, T.V., print and other ad mediums that now seem like relics of the 20th century. 

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Can You Measure the Effectiveness of Outdoor Media?

Posted by Hauler Ads on May 29, 2018

If you’ve considered the pros and cons of using outdoor ads, you’ve probably heard that they’re hard to measure. And that would seem like a fair assumption. After all, most billboards are flat and passersby don’t touch or interact with them in any way. Considering the cost of these ads, it would seem better to avoid that this often ignored and immeasurable medium. 

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The Killer Ingredient for Attention-Grabbing Billboard Ads? Humour...

Posted by Hauler Ads on May 18, 2018

We advertisers always hunt for new ways to strike a chord with our audience. But regardless of all the tactics and tools at our disposal, there’s one that never fails if used well - humour. 

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Fascinating OOH Campaigns That Took It To The Next Level

Posted by Evgeniya Zhuravleva on March 8, 2018

OOH advertising has been on the rise in the past couple of years. In 2016 Canada’s OOH revenue grew up to US$572 million and is projected to continue growing at 5.1% rate through 2021. Companies are continuously investing in the OOH advertising sector to create more intriguing and fascinating campaigns.

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