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Comparing Mobile Billboards and Taxi Advertising

Posted by Matty Alburger on March 9, 2019

Vehicle advertising is a marketing tactic that's useful in helping to create a generous number of impressions, and help to boost the sales of a business. Mobile billboards and taxi advertising are two out-of-home advertising ways that businesses can display their messages in a rapid and constant way. Both mobile billboards and taxi advertising rely on the motion of vehicles to spread the advertising around evenly. With internal knowledge about geographic and demographic statistics, both advertising channels have the potential to deliver well dispersed ads in a given region. Effective car advertising is concerned with placement, area, and clear display of the messages and visuals working together to influence a viewer. Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages for both mobile billboards and taxi advertising, and why both channels are used to generate a positive advertising outcome.

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Using Mobile Billboards and Radio Advertising Together

Posted by Raman Tiwana on March 8, 2019

Radio advertising and billboards are two common options used to deliver a company's advertising campaign. In preparing a media strategy, advertisers or agencies often decide to concentrate on one or two media forms or use a mix of several. Many advertisers agree that radio and billboards should only be used as part of an assorted mix of advertising media, not as a standalone medium to deliver a message. Let's examine the ways in which mobile billboards can exist in the same marketing strategy as radio advertising. 

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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Billboard in 2019?

Posted by Matty Alburger on March 7, 2019

An Introduction to Billboards

This question compares up a lot. How much does it cost to rent a billboard? Well, it depends on four significant factors: format, circulation, demographics, and impressions. These are concerned with CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) and CPI (Cost Per Impression) data that will determine the billboard's overall OOH rating; how it performs. 

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How Does Billboard Advertising Work?

Posted by Shruti Joseph on March 6, 2019
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Comparing Mobile Billboards and Bus Advertising

Posted by Gurdeep Sumal on March 5, 2019

Billboards are the best way to inform viewers about businesses, promotions or products and, hence, are the most feasible choice to post advertisements. The types of advertisements meant for a certain business can range significantly, and you must see which platform fits best with your company. As a business owner, figuring out what the best type of advertisement is for your business can be difficult. Something may end up working better for your business than what you may have originally thought of. Even though it may be tricky to decide what works best for your company, you need to keep advertising in some way in mind. Here we will talk about two kind of advertising that could work simultaneously and help benefit your business model. 

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Why Major Brands Use Truck Wraps ?

Posted by Raman Tiwana on March 4, 2019

A vehicle with a wrap or graphics is a mobile ambassador of a brand promoting to the passersby, drivers, prospects, and customers encountered on the road. This is why the brand is the main character of a vehicle wrap. Brand name, color, mascot, tagline, and offerings, all these brand characteristics must prominently present on the vehicle wrap design.

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The Future of Marketing with Digital Outdoor Advertising

Posted by Matty Alburger on March 3, 2019

The impact of Out-Of-Home (OOH) marketing is a force to be reckoned with in this day and age of modern advertising achievements. Traditional media channels such as print, radio, and even static billboard advertising is losing its touch in a marketplace that is stepping in more nuanced directions. Even in digital advertising, web ads like banners or pop ups are having serious problems gaining attention because of ad blockers and banner blindness. But, there is a light at the end of the banner blockage tunnel. This is where another type of media channel advertising like OOH has started to become exceptional for marketers.

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How Many Billboards Are There in the United States?

Posted by Shruti Joseph on March 2, 2019

Billboard advertising is one of the most popular types of outdoor advertising, because of its sheer size and impact. To define what it is, a billboard is a large structure, which is typically found in high-traffic areas such as highways and express-ways, that advertise a given product or service in the hopes that consumers will take notice and be able to recall it. It's very attention-seeking, and it makes a brand known in an outdoor environment. The United States takes full advantage of billboard advertising, and this post will show you just how they do it. 


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Truck Wrap Costs - Why Fleet Graphics are Important

Posted by Gurdeep Sumal on March 1, 2019

The secret to effective advertising is not only to make a great first impression, but to make a lasting first impression. This lasting first impression can come in the form of truck wraps- the large scale advertisements that cover the body of a truck or service vehicle. Vehicle wraps are a very memorable way to spread your business message to people on the road. Sales, service, and delivery vehicles are a powerful branding and marketing tool. Let's talk about the price of truck wraps and why fleet graphics are important in advertising.


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Automakers Embrace Digital Marketing

Posted by Matty Alburger on February 28, 2019

Compared to only a few years ago, a lot of automobile companies are pushing their boundaries when it comes to outdoor advertising. If you drive down the Don Valley Parkway or the Gardiner, you’ll see many billboards for cars and pass many buildings with car displays in the front. It seems like almost everywhere you go, whether it's to the movies or an even to the mall, there is always a specific car on display for the public to see. Why is this in-your-face car display trend on the rise? What does it mean for advertising? Let's get some answers. 


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