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The Next Steps for Transit Advertising

Posted by Graham King on October 23, 2019


The transportation industry is subject to rapid change over the next few years. Technological wonders such as autonomous vehicles and Elon Musk's Hyperloop have drawn much attention with their futuristic capabilities. However, there are looming advancements in transit advertising that will become much more common and accessible in the industry - advancements that today's businesses need to capitalize on as soon as possible.

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How Toronto Does Billboard Advertising

Posted by Matty Alburger on October 16, 2019


The outdoor advertising industry is largely made up of feature billboard posters that scatter across any given area. Particularly living in bigger cities, billboards do their part to cater to a consumerist audience that goes about their day-to-day business; gently interrupting their sights with various marketing messages and product placements. It's been reported that the Canadian advertising market ranked tenth on the global scale of outdoor advertising, with ad expenditures reaching about 9.14 billion USD in 2016. This says a lot about the country's prioritization and spending habits on OOH advertising.

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Truckside Advertising Compared to Static Billboards

Posted by Matty Alburger on October 15, 2019

Next time you're outdoors, check around for the number of advertisements you spot. Chances are, you'll find many static billboards or posters lurking in the environment. These advertisements could be quite captivating, interesting, and informational, but they don't hold a candle to the public reach that truckside advertising manages to wrangle. Sure, static billboards can be immensely creative and effective, positioned in brilliant ways, with the right target in mind, but they're inevitably devoted to a lifetime of standstill advertising. They're always in the same place. The major difference between truckside advertising and static billboards is that truckside ads travel with the vehicle, reaching thousands more impressions by the mile. Not only that, let's look into how truckside advertising manages alongside its static counterpart.

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Why Moving Billboards Work For Advertisers

Posted by Matty Alburger on October 9, 2019

Moving billboards, also called mobile billboards, are mighty machines designed to broadcast advertised messages to people in out-of-home settings, especially drivers on the roads. They are a form of 3D branding that pops in any given crowd, creating a recognizable face of business among consumers. This outdoor advertising medium has the power to be agile, as it's quite literally billboards attached to moving vehicles, and flexible, as it can reroute at any given time. Advertisers looking to roll out a new product, or simply get their business in the minds of consumers, should highly consider going the mobile billboard route. This article will list the major reasons why moving billboards are a great choice for advertisers to broadcast on.

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Best OOH Ad Campaigns of This Generation

Posted by Matty Alburger on October 8, 2019

The 2000's generation has no doubt brought us some of the most iconic ad features in outdoor environment, especially due to the connectivity between smartphone and OOH, "internet language" like gifs and memes, and dynamic trigger advertising. This generation has tremendous out-of-home capabilities that precede the visual effects and longstanding impressions of advertisements in the earlier years of the field.

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Truckside Advertising VS Guerilla Marketing

Posted by Nadia Coulibaly on October 3, 2019

Honestly, truckside advertising is a great OOH with many positive points. It helps grow businesses, it helps raise awareness, and it helps increase brand visibility. It's convenient, affordable and it's not rocket science. Yes, it can be creative as well, when you put your mind to it, or when you hire the right creative team behind it. But guerrilla marketing is a real standout, at least from a creative point of view. Before going any further, let me fill you in on what I'm talking about here.

Guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy in which a company uses surprise and/or unconventional interactions in order to promote a product or service. The term was created in 1984 by writer Jay Conrad Levinson, and it was inspired by guerrilla warfare. Guerilla warfare is a form of irregular warfare that relates to strategies used by armed civilians such as ambushes, sabotage, raids, and elements of surprise. Guerrilla marketing uses similar tactics in the marketing industry. It can be labelled as a publicity stunt. 

You can say that guerrilla and ambient are from the same family. Guerrilla can be found both outdoor or indoor, but it seems to have more impact outdoor. Also, guerrilla marketing is more aggressive than ambient. But since it's a form of OOH as effective as truckside advertising, let's compare the two.

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How Digital OOH Ads Are Changing The Game

Posted by Matty Alburger on October 2, 2019

OOH advertising is increasingly dynamic, as we come to find engaging outdoor campaigns that combine interactivity and participation with shareable content and brand retention. This sweeping sensation helps to put brands on the map and live longer among their audiences. One out-of-home channel that is becoming increasingly popular among brands and advertisers is digital OOH. Digital OOH helps grow the outdoor advertising market because of its wildly modern approach to engaging campaigns that utilize contraptions found outside the home. It also has the power to be programmatic, which we'll get into during this article. Let's examine the ways digital OOH is breaking new ground in advertising and why it's predicted to only skyrocket moving forward.

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Best OOH Transit Advertisements Of All Time

Posted by Matty Alburger on October 1, 2019

In the out-of-home advertising domain, there are many mediums and outdoor executions to choose from. One that stands out among the rest, that is prominent in many urban areas across the world, is transit advertising. This form of OOH has the ability to be mobile, while targeting wide demographics of people both using public transit and passing it by. Transit advertising has the power to be singularly static or transformative with digital LED displays. This article will unpack what transit advertising is capable of and pinpoint a few remarkable examples of campaigns that took form on transit surfaces.

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Is Truckside Advertising Different From Guerrilla Marketing?

Posted by Nadia Coulibaly on September 26, 2019

Truckside advertising and guerrilla advertising are both valuable forms of outdoor advertising. They have many commonalities. You'll see them both when you step out of your house, they're both targeted, and they're both affordable. But most importantly, they're both attention grabbers. However, they're not the same, although some truck adverts can be considered guerrilla. Confusing, I know. Let me break it down for you. 

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When Truckside Advertising Becomes Ambient Advertising

Posted by Nadia Coulibaly on September 24, 2019

At this point, you should know that nothing is impossible in advertising. As long as creativity is involved, there is no limit. For example, an advertising campaign can include more than one medium, but have you seen one medium that can do both? By that, I mean truckside ads and ambient ads in one advertisement. I know what you're thinking. How is that possible? Well, let me remind you what ambient advertising is first.

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