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Why are mobile billboard advertisements thriving in a digital world?

Posted by Graham King on December 6, 2019

Online advertisements are not the ‘be-all-end-all’ of marketing. While the industry does account for a large percentage of the market and doesn’t plan on stopping there according to research which predicts a strong 8.4% compound annual growth rate from 2018 through to 2023, online advertising comes with just as many strengths as it does weaknesses. Customers have the ability to ignore ads, there are many common technical issues, and consumers can be distracted by the commonly highly-dense platforms. With these gaps in the effectiveness of online advertisement, the marketing industry has holes that need to be addressed.

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Sustainable Out-of-Home Advertising: Why it's beneficial and how it's implemented

Posted by Graham King on November 26, 2019

The world is moving towards new things - newer, greener things. Consumers are hopping on the pro-environment trend with the growth of climate change over recent years, meaning the businesses with head-starts on environmental protectionism and emphasis on sustainability are gaining more attention, trust, and money from the everyday consumer.

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Mobile retargeting: how mobile is leveraging out-of-home advertising

Posted by Graham King on November 6, 2019


The use of mobile retargeting in conjunction with out-of-home advertisements, such as billboards, trucks, and bus-stops, has created another channel through which companies can reach their intended audience in a unique and innovative way. In order to amplify the reach of out-of-home campaigns, advertisers are using mobile advertising and location tracking in order to reach their consumers when it matters most - when they are most likely to search, shop, click, share, or visit.

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The Next Steps for Transit Advertising

Posted by Graham King on October 23, 2019


The transportation industry is subject to rapid change over the next few years. Technological wonders such as autonomous vehicles and Elon Musk's Hyperloop have drawn much attention with their futuristic capabilities. However, there are looming advancements in transit advertising that will become much more common and accessible in the industry - advancements that today's businesses need to capitalize on as soon as possible.

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