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How much does it cost to use a billboard?

Posted by Gurdeep Sumal on February 11, 2019

Billboard costs become complicated when you second guess your budget and think about potential cost repercussions, and it's no surprise that money spending is the big factor. Should I spent more on big? Should I save more with small? What will my reach be? Will I lose money? And this is doubly true when it comes to OOH advertising. Let us walk you through cost and help you develop your own understanding of billboard spend.

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Comparing OOH Advertising and Radio Advertising

Posted by Gurdeep Sumal on February 5, 2019

What Does It All Mean? 

Advertising refers to the process of promoting your product or service to the marketplace. When it comes to driving successful sales, it is vital to make sure your product and its core benefits are known to your target audience(s). Where marketing involves the groundwork of branding and researching the needs of your target market, advertising is the process whereby you actually communicate with your target market.

Advertising campaigns can be communicated through numerous venues, billboards, OOH, television, radio, or online. Part of your marketing research will be identifying the most effective venues for your target audience. Here we discuss the power of radio and OOH advertising. 

Radio advertising:

Just like advertisers pay for the commercials you see on television during your favorite show, some advertisers also choose to focus their marketing dollars on radio advertising. That is, buying commercials, frequently called spots in the radio industry, to promote their products or services. Advertisers pay commercial radio stations for airtime and, in exchange, the radio station broadcasts the advertiser's commercial to its listening audience.

There are some popular radio advertising:

        Live read: A format where you can hear commercials read in real-time online by a radio announcer, a type of            commercial also known as a live read.
        Sponsorship: Many radio stations implement sponsorships for certain types of radio segments, such as                    traffic, weather, or sports scores during the halftime of a big game.
        Produced spot: A produced spot can either be a straight read of your advertising message or a read that                  incorporates multiple voices, sound effects or a jingle.

For more information, this article by Grant Christian of Absolute Marketing Group outlines the basic elements, properties, rewards, and misconceptions about radio advertising today. 

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