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Matty Alburger

Matty Alburger

Matty is a copywriter and creative from Toronto.
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Top 5 Biggest Billboards in North America

Posted by Matty Alburger on April 23, 2019

In North America, billboards big and small rock the outdoor advertising medium. Sometimes, we come across a spectacular campaign that stands out among the rest. Whether due to its size, message, or creative design, billboards have the ability to convey surprise and interest. In the billboard business, being "big" doesn't always have to do with the actual size. A booming, commanding presence can work just as well to get the attention of people passing by. A billboard that stretches the limits of our imagination in an outside environment makes for a big reaction. Let's take a look at five of the biggest billboards in North America and see how they work as an isolated advertising technique.

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Outdoor Advertising in Japan

Posted by Matty Alburger on April 22, 2019

We've been around the U.S. and warmer climates, seen advertising that tells similar stories promoting comparable subject matter, but now it's time to dive into an outdoor advertising culture in East Asia that breeds marvel, manga, and ad magic. With an estimated population of 126.8 million in 2017, Japan is equivalent to 1.64% of the world's total population. Outdoor and transit advertising in Japan is expected to grow at a steady pace, so it's valuable to look at the ways in which these markets are impacting this island country. The global market for digital OOH advertising is predicted to have a growth rate of 13.2% while Japan has a growth rate of an estimated 27.8% in 2013-2020. It's also expected that through 2021 the growth potential of DOOH advertising would result to 86%, which surpasses the 67% for mobile advertising and 49% for online advertising.

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How to Create Effective Truck Advertising Wraps

Posted by Matty Alburger on April 19, 2019

Let's face it- not every truck wrap is a hit. Some wraps may overwhelm the viewer with designs that bombard an informational experience. Some wraps may underperform with uninteresting graphics and generic copy. If you're an advertiser or marketer, you should keep in mind certain qualities to avoid these two reactions from happening among your audience. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, 95% of Americans are reached by media-targeted vehicle drivers and passengers. In a survey by Cox Communications, 47% of millennials aged 18-34 said vehicle wraps are easy to remember. Vehicle wraps cost the least amount of money per impressions; $.35 is the average cost per thousand impressions.

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Comparing Digital Mobile Billboards and Static Mobile Billboards

Posted by Matty Alburger on April 17, 2019

Mobile billboards can take a few forms. As great channels to deliver advertising messages, mobile billboards serve quality announcements to targeted neighborhoods of the right consumers. According to a survey conducted by The Mobile Billboard Company, 96% of respondents stated that mobile advertising is more effective than static billboard advertising. This was proved by 97% of people saying mobile billboards have a higher recall rate. A recall rate is important in advertising, as it measures the effectiveness of the campaign. If consumers are able to play it back in their heads and repeat it to others, then the advertisement was a standout success. 

Now, the use of mobile billboards in an advertising plan has its advantages over standard billboards. For one, it's mobile and able to reach many demographics over a period of time because the messages are moving from place to place. Mobile billboards also stand alone, as there aren't many mobile billboard competitors seen on the same road as one running its course. We know how mobile billboards work to bring joy to businesses, advertisers, and satisfied consumers, but what are the differences and similarities between the two types of images? This post will look at how digital mobile billboards work as well as see how static mobile billboards perform. Unpacking the two will make it clearer to decide on which to choose for your advertising campaign. 


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How OOH Uses Mobile Phone Location Data

Posted by Matty Alburger on April 16, 2019

We know OOH advertising is predominantly on the rise, but what some may be unaware of is that this ad channel doesn't stand alone. New measuring techniques and location intelligence is ensuring that OOH ads work in similar ways to digital channels like Instagram and Snapchat. Advertisers applying location data to OOH advertising can see who is viewing their content more clearly, and find better ways to target the right person in a precise fashion. By measuring where people are out and about, combined with demographic information, it shows advertisers and brands the right kind of consumer profile to target for their campaigns.

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Most Effective Truckside Advertising Campaigns in History

Posted by Matty Alburger on April 15, 2019

What makes an effective truckside ad campaign? Well, there's really no right answer. Valuable impressions can be garnered from a lesser creative ad, while a more creative ad may not lead consumers to the point of sales. However, well-targeted, differentiated truckside ads always generate conversation leading to action. While it stands true that outdoor mobile billboards have a 97% recall rate, according to Outdoor Advertising Magazine, not every mobile billboard will be effective at reaching the right people.

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Why is Billboard Advertising Not Allowed in Maine, Vermont, Hawaii, and Alaska?

Posted by Matty Alburger on April 12, 2019

Not everyone embraces the advantages of billboard advertising in this current competitive climate. Even though we're so used to seeing billboard ads spring to life in our familiar environments, there are those places that have no room at the table for this advertising channel. Marketers and advertisers are being restricted to get their messages across in places like Maine, Vermont, Hawaii, and Alaska. Political campaigns and smaller businesses have a tougher time putting themselves out there on channels that just don't have the same reach or impression count as billboards do. Let's talk about the reasons why there are no billboards ads in Maine, Vermont, Hawaii, and Alaska, starting with the state that banned it first.

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Mobile Billboard Advertising in Europe

Posted by Matty Alburger on April 10, 2019

Whether lighthearted and playful, or confrontational and political, Europe carries out strong mobile billboards that speak to what's going on in their current climate. In 2019, the European country in the advertising lead is the UK, while Russia, Turkey, and Germany follow suit. There are plenty of reasons why mobile billboards work in the European market, but outdoor advertising here has also been faced with negative reception from consumers. Because Europe is known to be more architectural, restorative of historic art, and extremely accessible on foot, Europeans may have a hard time digesting the market that is mobile billboards. At the same time, some mobile billboards can speak to politically charged people and give them voting incentive to make culturally favored decisions for their economy.

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Best Truckside Advertising Companies in Texas

Posted by Matty Alburger on April 9, 2019

In business and in culture, Texas wears many hats. With a population of more than 28 million, being the second most populous State, Texas has an abundance of marketing and advertising agencies specializing in the latest business savvy designs. Austin, Texas is home to major brands like Dell and Whole Foods, while housing reputable national agencies like Omnicom's GSD&M. Austin's tech and advertising markets are booming, and the city hosts well-known events such as SXSW and SXSW Interactive, which is an annual film, music, and interactive festival that brings in major players in marketing. New products and innovations in tech are unveiled here. According to BIA/Kelsey Forecast, Texas was looking to top their local ad spending in 2017 to reach $13 billion over 19 markets- the largest markets of ad opportunity being healthcare, retail, and the restaurant business.

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How Millennials Perceive Outdoor Advertising

Posted by Matty Alburger on April 5, 2019

Believe it or not, millennials are more inclined to focus on and believe advertisements that exist in an outdoor setting rather than online. Nielsen Media Research has outlined that people between the ages of 21 and 37 in 2018 are considered millennials, so essentially people born in 1980 to about 1996 fall under this category. A reported 56% of millennials trust out-of-home advertising and 58% are driven to take action after seeing an execution, compared to only 46% trusting video ads online and 48% believing paid online ads.

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