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How much do billboards cost per month?

Posted by Shruti Joseph on February 17, 2019

It's a numbers game. Billboard costs depend on a multitude of factors that mostly have to do with positioning with location, size, and visibility. All these factors meet to form a set cost for a billboard ad, but different companies offer different rates. These are general costs of billboards that will come up today. 

Billboard advertising costs roughly $1,500 to $4,000 for most, though it can dip as low as $250 in rural areas and can reach $14,000 or even higher in larger markets with higher income brackets. 

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How to start a billboard advertising business

Posted by Shruti Joseph on February 1, 2019

Billboard advertising companies purchase or rent small lots for billboards that are used to display ads for their customers. Other types of outdoor billboard advertising include truck advertising, public benches, vehicle wraps or advertising on buses. These businesses also buy billboards from other companies and resell the advertising space for a higher price. They perform a valuable community service by enabling property owners to earn income by leasing an unused portion of their land to provide advertising space for businesses.

                                                                                                 Billboards advertising

Billboard advertising business owners play an important role in increasing the visibility and success of businesses. Those who prefer to perform a wide variety of duties in a number of different work environments both indoor and outdoor, thrive exceptionally well in this business. Community-minded individuals are well-suited for meeting the challenge of matching the right location with the right advertiser at the right price.

How you can build a successful billboard advertising company?

  • Communication and interpersonal skills for building strong business relationships and negotiating leasing contracts and advertising prices
  • Accounting skills for budgeting, accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Computer skills for maintaining a website with information about your services and locations. There are classes available for learning these skills.
  • Graphic design skills for creating customized billboard advertising for customers. These skills can be acquired through classes as well.
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How effective is outdoor advertising?

Posted by Shruti Joseph on January 31, 2019


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How are Marketing and Advertising different? fuzzy disciplines

Posted by Shruti Joseph on January 29, 2019
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How much do billboards cost per month?

Posted by Shruti Joseph on January 28, 2019

Billboard ads - and digital billboard ads - are on most of the hours of a day and are available at a low cost. To use billboard media means to produce more gross impressions than any other outdoor medium during a given period.

Currently, advertising on LCD billboards is the most popular outdoor advertising type among advertisers ready to reach the general public. Competitive billboard rental ad costs result in low cost-per-thousand figures because the costs for renting billboards is significantly reduced when compared to other media. According to many advertisers, the cost of a billboard rental yields great investment returns. Thus, many businesses and other organizations billboard-advertise in order to increase revenue or their exposure.

The construction of new locations, including new LED billboard advertisements, is prohibited in most cities in the United States, thereby making the existing billboard ad locations all the more valuable. Despite this fact, billboard rental rates remain competitively priced. All types of advertisers recognize this value and therefore include this medium in their outdoor ad plan. Advertisers that use billboard media and engage in renting billboards typically calculate the rent-a-billboard cost by dividing the monthly billboard advertising costs by the monthly gross impressions (which are first divided by 1,000).

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Biggest Digital Advertising Trends Taking Place Right Now

Posted by Shruti Joseph on January 17, 2019

Let us review some of the biggest digital advertising trends that are shaping the present and the future.

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Chicago Billboard Advertising - Most Impactful Billboards in Greater Chicago Area

Posted by Shruti Joseph on January 15, 2019


Billboards make up 66% of this market.

Across the US, some 370k billboards are in active operation, with ~15k new ones added each year. They are owned by more than 1.2k vendors, who generally lease them out to advertisers in 4-week blocks.

The “Windy City” is a unique metropolis consisting of the US’s second largest central business district as well as a rich culture filled with the performing arts and world class cuisine. This combination allows for high traffic exposure of billboards on one of the major interstate highways running through Chicago such as Interstate 55, Interstate 57, Interstate 65 or Interstate 80.

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How much does a billboard cost?

Posted by Shruti Joseph on January 14, 2019

As digital out-of-home becomes increasingly commonplace, what effect will it have on marketing budgets? Is it more expensive or cheaper to advertise on a digital billboard?

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How Outdoor Advertising Works?

Posted by Shruti Joseph on January 3, 2019
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Posted by Shruti Joseph on December 27, 2018


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