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Consumer Patterns in Mexico & Mobile Billboards

Posted by Raman Tiwana on April 8, 2019
Market Overview
Mexico is a fascinating country in North America, lying between the  U.S,  to the north, and Guatemala and Belize to the south. Its extensive coastlines of more than 10,000km include the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Mexico has pleasant and warm weather, unique food, art and archaeology, pyramids, museums, haciendas, superb architecture and 21st century cities.
It has different weather patterns from snow mountains in the Sierras, to rainy jungles in the Southeast, and desert in the Northwest. Numerous golf courses, excellent fishing, and world-class destinations like Acapulco, Cancun, Cozumel, Los Cabos, and Mazatlan dominate this place. Mexico is ranked as the 7th major destination for foreign visitors, according to the World Trade Organization.

Tourist spots and the astounding population of over 129 million people reflect on the importance of outdoor media in driving brand preference in Mexico. Traveling around Mexico City, one cannot escape seeing a vast array of outdoor advertising of all types and sizes. The whole city is well branded.  

In Mexico, we can see many delivery vehicles, all painted up with brand logos and messages, dropping off products to small corner stores and food outlets. This is when a question arises, "why does Mexico use mobile billboards to convey marketing messages?". 

In this post, we'll discuss the consumer profile of Mexico, their marketing behavior, the best spots to advertise in, and two mobile billboard companies that thrive in the country. 



Consumer Profile in Mexico  

Before we get into how moving billboards are used in Mexico, it's important to look at the consumer habits and how they live.  Over 75% of the Mexican population lives in urban centres where the U.S. touches on consumerism and influences their buying patterns. One-quarter of households in Mexico can be viewed as middle-class, according to Euromonitor International. However, there is a divide between purchasing power in this country. Approx. 20% of the population lives below the poverty line and 58% are in threatening living situations. Wives of the household are primarily in charge of the purchasing decisions. Family and friends have a large influence on what to buy as well. The Mexican consumer is drawn to a customized and personalized service experience when they shop around for products. The growing sectors of business in Mexico include automobile, electronics, energy, environmental protection equipment, telecommunication, and tourism, particularly wellness tourism. 



Consumer Marketing Behavior in Mexico 

While purchasing power in Mexico is growing, they are in a situation where they find themselves time-poor. As a result to this, Mexicans are striving to find good quality products that save them time throughout their days. They want to create relationships with brands, rather than use disposable and unattached products. Aside from cost, Mexicans want convenience with advertised products. Brand loyalty is very important in this country. In 2017, Amazon became the country's top online retailer with 502.2 million USD compared to 243.9 million USD in 2016 sales. In 2017, smartphone penetration also reached 85.8% according to The Competitive Intelligence Union. Mercado Libre and Wal-Mart de Mexico came in as second and third top online retailers. 



Top Places to Advertise in Mexico: 

1. Mexico City

2. Guadalajara 

3. Monterrey 

4. Puebla 

5. Toluca 

6. Leon 

These six places have the highest population in Mexico and include some of the best tourist attractions, so advertising here is worthwhile and meaningful. Cancun and Cozumel are also great places to advertise in because they see plenty of visitors worldwide each year. 



Mobile Billboards Existing in Mexico 

Roadstar Mobile Billboards is a service in Mexico that specializes in moving billboards meeting the eyes of both residents and tourists in plenty of locations. They advertise places like Senor Frogs and Margaritaville, and even appear on a small island just off the coast of Cancun. Roadstar advertises for political campaigns as well, hoping to bring forth messages of upcoming elections. Their digital mobile billboard truck includes 200 square feet of bright and changeable ad space double-sided. Seen near sporting events, clubs, and concerts, Roadstar Mobile Billboards brings fresh advertising to people in Mexico. 

American Mobile Ads is another mobile billboard company that advertises in Mexico as well as other places in America. They serve New Mexico with current mobile media on billboard trucks and truckside advertising. They travel around in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Roswell, Gallup, Rio Rancho, South Valley, Los Lunas, and more. American Mobile Ads uses mobile digital LED video billboard trucks to speak to their audiences. Their list of clients include McDonald's, Miami Dolphins, Sun Life Financial, Warner Brothers, Kmart, AT&T, and much more. 

After looking at the market profile, consumer behavior and their profiles, the best places to advertise, and some existing mobile billboard companies in Mexico, it's safe to say their mobile advertising initiatives and consumers are feeling fantastic about growing businesses. 

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How Millennials Perceive Outdoor Advertising

Posted by Matty Alburger on April 5, 2019

Believe it or not, millennials are more inclined to focus on and believe advertisements that exist in an outdoor setting rather than online. Nielsen Media Research has outlined that people between the ages of 21 and 37 in 2018 are considered millennials, so essentially people born in 1980 to about 1996 fall under this category. A reported 56% of millennials trust out-of-home advertising and 58% are driven to take action after seeing an execution, compared to only 46% trusting video ads online and 48% believing paid online ads.

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Are Mobile Billboards an Effective Way to Promote Concerts?

Posted by Matty Alburger on April 4, 2019

A concert experience isn't just felt during the performance itself. The marketing, branding, and extra takeaways make up the whole sensation. Some may believe active social media and digital advertising is all it takes to attract a crowd to a musical performance, but it's unclear whether that promotional material will stick and lead people to show up. Of course it's important for musical artists and their marketing team to tap into the usefulness of online conversation, but it's equally necessary to find an interesting outlet to promote outdoors. Particularly with artists wanting to sellout their shows, digital engagement may not be enough to get the reach. This is where mobile billboards can help out.

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Outdoor Advertising is the Next Big Trend for Savvy Advertisers

Posted by Matty Alburger on April 3, 2019

Believe it or not, the next big trend for smart advertisers is actually one that's been here all along. Outdoor advertising is the future of effective advertising messaging for a number of reasons, whether it be with digital partnerships or mobile billboards. Advertisers among us- pay attention to the strides that outdoor advertising takes in order to deliver the clearest, most impactful results. 

There are different advertising options available in the marketing mix. Based on your company's objectives, budget and target audience, you normally advertise through one or more type of media. Calculating your return on investment in dollars is difficult, but you need to establish measurable goals, such as a percentage increase in order to evaluate success. A channel that calculates and measures these business milestones precisely is outdoor advertising. Smart advertisers will see the benefits in creating influential outdoor campaigns. Easy-to-reach digital channels are still effective, but outdoor advertising has the potential to be the largest impact advertising.  

Let's take a look at how outdoor advertising fares to other advertising channels, as well as see what trends outdoor advertising has in store for 2019. 



Current Trends in Outdoor Advertising 

Outdoor advertising provides a great deal of advantages for businesses thriving, or trying to, in this current era. 

One of the more talked about trends is that digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) will harvest itself in printed media. This means that multi-channel campaigns can include digital printed borders or graphics to help strengthen their appeal and design. DOOH is consistently paired with print advertising to create a fuller campaign. This outdoor advertising channel continues the conversation for subjects left unsaid on traditional advertising. 

There's not enough of a reach for Gen Z consumers on digital advertising alone. According to a report by AdAge and UNiDAYS released in summer of 2018, Gen Z buyers are more capable of tuning out digital ads and actually prefer physical experiences. Their time online becomes interrupted if a digital ad interferes with their activity. The report found that 56% of Gen Z-ers don't click on website ads, 64% don't listen to podcasts, 64% use their phones for browsing only (not shopping), 74% don't watch streaming videos, and, most importantly, 84% pay attention to outdoor advertising. This report is extremely telling that digital advertising isn't enough to reach these valuable young adults along their marketing milestones.



Events-based marketing is on the rise. According to a report by BrandMuscle in 2018, 2700 local marketers spoke of how many advertisers are showing up to in-person events in order to spread word of their client's brands. Impressive results are being drawn from face-to-face interactions in trade shows, conferences, or hosting their own events. In the report, it's revealed that advertisers hosting their own events was the most effective marketing strategy out of every other channel they participated in (ex. online ads, social media, radio, television). 

Mobile billboards and vehicle advertising drives online sales for businesses. Due to retargeting and measurement components of mobile billboards, advertisers are seeing a bright future in putting messages on the backs of trucks in order to target the right heads. Online retailers are putting ads on fleets of taxis in order to deliver their branding messages to outdoor shoppers, and, with more online sales of products, delivery vans distributing those products can have a mobile billboard on their vehicle. This multi-purposeful advertising opportunity is an outdoor sensation. 

Out of so many advertising options, outdoor advertising is considered one of the most popular methods to attract a large number of audiences. Outdoor advertising is called a mass-market medium, just like broadcast, radio, TV, and cinema advertising. For this reason, it is better utilized for broad messages, branding, and support campaigns.

OOH Advertising vs Newspaper (Print) 



Newspaper and outdoor are two of the oldest forms of advertising with a longstanding history. Despite the decline of the newspaper industry as it fights a rear-guard battle with the internet, it’s influence in advertising hasn't been reduced. However, it's target has shifted. There's not many Gen X, Y, or Z newspaper advertising consumers. Even if popular in the baby boomer category, there's still a shortage of reach. OOH can resolve some of newspaper advertising's shortcomings by offering selective targeting. OOH penetrates newspaper zones that are too large for reaching specific neighborhood target areas. 

Newspapers have a short shelf life. OOH can extend the life of a newspaper campaign by presenting ad messages in a marketplace 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The possibilities of greater reach, in a specific outdoor environment, are greater than that of someone picking up the newspaper by chance. Readership rates are declining and will likely continue to due to increasing numbers of alternate news sources. OOH’s advertising nature is unavoidable and gives consumers no other reason to turn away. 

 OOH Advertising vs Television



OOH reinforces television messages when viewers are away from their homes during the course of daily activities. OOH minimizes wasted coverage and improves an advertiser’s campaign by providing the ability to target ad messages geographically. Television is an expensive channel to advertise on. OOH improves the efficiency of a television campaign purchase by driving down CPM costs. OOH reaches light TV viewers who are younger, mobile, and more affluent than heavy TV viewers.

 OOH Advertising vs Radio



The combination of radio and OOH reaches a mobile audience, offering a balance of sight and sound. Radio messages are susceptible to channel surfing, however. OOH can maintain the market presence of a brand featured on radio after listeners have switched stations. Radio is considered a frequency medium, and OOH can increase the reach of a radio campaign by providing broad market appeal to radio listeners.

OOH Advertising vs Internet

Internet and OOH advertising reach similar audiences. Both market to a younger, educated, affluent, and mobile audience. OOH extends the reach and frequency of an Internet campaign when users are offline. The brevity of OOH’s copy is ideal for driving traffic to a website. While internet advertising may work in some cases, it's very easy for online users to scroll past or exit out of banner ads uninteresting to them. 

After looking at the current and rising trends of outdoor advertising in 2019, as well as see how it compares to other advertising channels, it's important for the savviest of advertisers to remember that OOH is an effective channel that reaches the most impressionable of targets. 


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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Billboard

Posted by Rayees Malik on April 2, 2019

This question comes up a lot when people think of the beginning stages of billboard construction. And, if you're planning on doing this with a smaller team, it's good to be aware of what you may need to fish out. The key factors influencing the cost of building an outdoor billboard are the size of the billboard, material for the structure, the configuration of the supports, and the height of the structure. The second most important cost factor is whether the billboard will be single or double-faced. It completely depends on the type of billboard that you are constructing. 

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Most Impactful Billboard Advertising in Atlanta - Best Billboards in Georgia

Posted by Matty Alburger on April 1, 2019

Market Overview and Why Advertising Works Here

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What Makes Moving Billboards Special

Posted by Gurdeep Sumal on March 29, 2019

Moving billboards are becoming a more popular type of outdoor advertising due to their agility, ability to generate a ton of impressions, and their flexibility for both advertisers and businesses. These advertising blockbusters can be spotted on buses, trucks, or other mobile vehicles. They're playful; giving an outdoor environment a slight hint of 3D branding that doesn't impede on a driver's, or passenger's, outlook of products advertised.

They're cost-effective, as it's proven that they have the best ROI compared to other advertising channels. The purpose of mobile billboards are to capture your attention when you least expect it, but not throw people off guard. Mobile billboards can target anyone in an outdoor space, but more targeted campaigns can take place to ensure the best results for the right people. Let's examine just how unique moving billboards are in our world and learn some tips that can be the building block to an effective moving billboard. 

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Billboard Advertising in Boston - Most Impactful Billboards in Massachusetts

Posted by Raman Tiwana on March 28, 2019

Overview of Market

When it comes to Boston, they do billboarding sweet justice. It's the capital and most populous municipality of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States. As the largest city, with a population of over 600,000 people, Boston is considered a booming metropolis of the Northeast. It has become an economic and cultural hub, with a large focus on education and medicine. A great number of companies have headquartered in Boston, like Staples and General Electric, and it's home to many sports teams, such as the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Celtics. Sports stadiums such as Fenway Park, TD Garden, and entertainment areas like the Boston arts district are great spots to billboard advertise. Most notably, billboards on Interstate 95 allow for high traffic exposure. Due to a large number of commuters, it a center point for companies to put their advertisements. 

According to the Boston Business Journal, the international tourism spend in 2016 in Massachusetts was $2.8 billion, which was a 3.1 percent increase from the year prior. One way to increase tourism spending in Boston is through the use of effective billboard advertising, and we'll look at the costs that branch from simple, digital, and mobile billboards, see where is best to place billboards in Boston to get the best reach, as well as dissect how the MBTA advertises to their commuters and their pertaining costs. 



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Why Billboard Advertising Still Works in a Digital World

Posted by Matty Alburger on March 27, 2019

As we know, internet ads prevail in a marketing mix because they tap into an online user's web behavior, their patterns, and their most visited pages. Digital ads apply to everyone on the internet, as they're proportionately dispersed across webpages for people to see and interact with. Though internet advertising is utterly a cash cow for brands on digital, billboard advertising is on the rise and out-of-home spending is skyrocketing. In 2018, spending on outdoor advertising was projected to reach about $38 billion, which was up by 35 percent since 2010. Out-of-home advertising has been the conquistador of non-internet media, such as television.

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Elements of Jaw-Dropping Vehicle Wraps

Posted by Matty Alburger on March 26, 2019

We've all seen them. We know what they're capable of and what they look like. They might startle us as we're passing them by, or greet us as we're crossing the street. They might be promotional, informational, or awe-inspiring. But one thing remains objective: they're vehicle wraps, and they're not departing from our world anytime soon. Whether they're covering public buses or streetcars, trucks, smaller cars, or other vehicles in our present environment, vehicle wraps are an advertising strategy that compete with static billboards as an efficient OOH execution. Due to their low cost impressions and substantial reach, vehicle wraps are perfect for businesses both big and small. Let's go through the elements that make up a quality vehicle wrap advertisement that will stick in the minds of people who see them.

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